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Frequently asked Questions about Ribfest

When and where is the event?

The event is located at the Sheridan Campus at 1430 Trafalgar Road in Oakville, north of the QEW and takes place Friday, August 20 from 4 to 8 p.m., Saturday, August 21 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday, August 22 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

How will the event work?

The Ribfest Drive Thru will be in the parking lot of Sheridan College’s Oakville campus. Cars will enter Sheridan College Drive from Trafalgar Road and exit on Ceremonial Road (see map). As they enter the parking lot, they will be handed a menu and then have an opportunity to order from their Ribber of choice. No one is to leave their car at any point. Safety is our #1 priority. In 2019, Town Council amended and strengthened the Anti-Idling By-law, making it a violation for a vehicle to idle for more than three consecutive minutes. While you wait in line, please stop your car engine.  

How do I order?<br />

Someone from the rib teams will safely approach your car to take your order. Payments can be processed through debit, credit, or cash. Card payments with tap are encouraged.

Do I need to wear mask and Gloves?

We request that you wear a mask when you open the window to be served. You do not need to wear gloves.

Can I be served if I’m not in a car?

No. We take the safety of our volunteers, vendors and guests very seriously. Unfortunately, that means for this event, we can only serve guests who are in a car. Walk-ins will not be served. 

Is this a fundraiser?

Yes! This is a fundraiser for our community. There will be an opportunity while waiting in line to make a donation to support Rotary’s charitable activities.

Can I order from more than one Ribber?

We ask that you only choose one rib vendor to order from. If you choose to order from more than one Ribber you will have to rejoin the line and await your turn.

What other kinds of food are available?

In addition to ribs, you can also order and buy roasted corn, yams and Tiny Tom donuts from other vendors after you have received your Ribber order

What beverages are available?

Water will be available before you enter the Ribber line and lemonade will be available from one of the food vendors after you have picked up your rib order.

Will there be entertainment?

We know how boring a drive thru line up can be. We can’t be specific yet, but we are working on ways to make this the best drive they you’ve ever been through. Continue to check back on  the website for  updates. 

Are there volunteering opportunities?

The success of this charity event is truly dependent on the efforts of volunteers. There are a number of positions to be filled. Community service credits are available for students.

Are there washrooms available onsite?

No. There are no public washrooms available and all attendees must remain in their vehicles

Will there be other things to do at the Drive-Thru Ribfest?

No. There will be no amusement area or children’s play area this year. Market vendors will not be on site during the drive-thru event

Who do I contact if I have questions?
What if I'm unable to drive for medical reasons?

Although this is a drive-thru event and we allow no walk-ins,  we recognize that there are some who for medical reasons are not able to drive and are unable to find someone else to drive them. If that describes your situation, please contact us at, preferably the day before you want to order, and we will do our best to make special arrangements for you

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